What body language says about you?

Often we are not aware of our facial movements and expressions when we are among other people, and it does not occur to us that these things could be important.

However, body language reveals a lot about your personality and how you feel, and it can also help you make a good impression if you are in a job interview or when, on the other hand, you want people to leave you alone.

1. Crouching

Your posture reveals a level of self-confidence. If you are hunched over, you probably feel insecure. If you do not improve your posture, stooping can become a habit and you will be like that in situations when you do not feel insecure, but you will give the impression of insecurity and lack of self-confidence.

2. Crossed arms or legs

It is normal for many people to cross their arms or legs while sitting. However, if you do this when you are talking to someone, you are sending a message that you are not open to talking to another person and that you are not listening to what they are telling you or that you are not comfortable in their company. On the other hand, you will look more convincing if you sit cross-legged and your arms are not hidden.

3. Fidgeting

Whether it’s a constant habit or something you do in stressful situations to calm down, you should stop fidgeting and be restless. If you twist your hair with your fingers or turn the ring, tap your feet or constantly look at the clock during a conversation or an important meeting, you look bored and would prefer to be somewhere else.

4. Neck massage

It is very likely that you are massaging your neck to reduce stress or you just want to relieve tension in that part of the body. Either way, try to be everything you do with your hands and avoid situations like this whenever possible, otherwise you will leave the impression of an anxious person in whose company it is not pleasant to be.

5. Biting your nails

This is another habit that shows nervousness. It may help you deal with stress, but it also shows how you feel. In addition, you can distract or even disgust the person you are talking to. Worst of all, it damages your nails, and since people pay attention to their appearance, you will not leave a good impression.

6. Insufficient or too much eye contact

If you avoid direct eye contact, you show a lack of self-confidence or that you don’t like someone. You can even impress a person you can’t trust. On the other hand, intense staring at someone can be aggressive and uncomfortable for the person you are talking to, writes Bright Side. Try to find a measure.

7. You seem relaxed

It is indecent to do things on purpose that distract you while talking to someone, but sometimes you can do it completely unconsciously. No matter how much you follow what is happening around you, you are staring blankly at one point and others may feel that you are not listening to them at all. Try to show that you are listening to the person by looking at them as they speak or by doing something to show that you are participating in the conversation.

8. You roll your eyes

Rolling your eyes is a clear sign of disrespect. It can also be relatively harmless and a sign of non-verbal communication with some of your friends to show them that you are bored or that something is annoying you. However, if it is a reaction to something that a colleague, boss or complete stranger told you, your facial expression can be extremely repulsive and offensive to them.

9. You forget to smile or smile

A smile is something we often forget, especially in formal situations. However, it is a great way to show self-confidence and openness, and people often smile back at a smiling person, whom they automatically consider positive and to whom they are therefore open. On the other hand, do not fake a smile, because you will see insincerity and distrust.

10. You are too quiet

If you are too calm and quiet you can leave the impression that you are not interested in talking to another person and what they have to say. In addition, by behaving in this way, you can cause discomfort to people. Try to show sincere enthusiasm with a gesture and a smile and try to imitate the other person’s movements, but still don’t act too obviously.