What does the choice of shirt say about you?

The way we dress speaks volumes about us and more than we think.

Fashion psychology studies how our way of dressing affects our lives and vice versa.

The way you dress is your business card: it tells you who you are and what you want.

Let’s focus now on shirts that are often considered clothes for formal occasions, which is not the case.

A shirt is a classic item of clothing that, depending on the type, says who you are and what you want to achieve.

So here’s what the type of shirt you’re wearing says about you.

Silk shirt

If you want to achieve elegance and seriousness, combine a silk shirt with high-waisted pants.

If you want to leave a touch of sensuality, unbutton it, and under it, wear a thin T-shirt with straps (lace is welcome) and pair it all with jeans and ankle boots. You got a feminine, and at the same time the famous one, I-didn’t-try-much.

Texas shirt

The denim shirt is a timeless piece that you can use for a variety of informal occasions.

She is a great choice for going out with friends when you want a casual, moderately nonchalant look.

Linen shirt

Playful and perfect for carefree summer evenings, but also in the office, where it is worn together with a blazer.

It is used for a simple look and regardless of that, it says that the wearer knows very well who he is and what he does.

Classic shirt

According to the psychology of fashion, a classic blue, white or shirt with cotton stripes wants to say only one thing: I want to be on the safe side.

Why does it have to be bad ?! A classic shirt will help to draw attention to something else because it is sovereign in itself and without room for fashion error.

What does your laughter say about you?


is characteristic of a person, and we all have a few different smiles that we apply in a variety of situations. Judy James, an expert in behavior and body language, claims that slightly stretched lips show inner sadness, while nervousness reveals laughter reminiscent of a crying baby.

Quiet and repressed laughter tells us that a person works in strict conditions that made him control laughter. Despite this, such people usually have a strong sense of humor.

We are already overwhelmed by smiles from politicians, and in society there is always someone who just opens his mouth slightly as if to burst out laughing, but does not make any sound.

Just as bad is a smile of approval, which is always late for others, and shows that a person laughs only because someone else is funny to them as a person, not because something is funny to them.

The explosive laughter of high tones and uncontrolled grimaces reveals a real, fun and sociable person, and the strange sounds they emit make their laughter very contagious, so they are otherwise a favorite in society.

Impulsive people laugh out loud, covering their mouths, which, in fact, hides their shame because they spontaneously did something they regretted, so they try to hide it with their hands.

The screaming laughter of high tones and wide open mouths reveals a person who seeks admiration and attention, but since everyone understands that it is a fake laugh, he encounters disapproval.

In the end, people who are shy laugh, and usually lean forward and infect others in society with their laughter.