What the coffee you drink says about you?

Ordinary Turkish, cappuccino or late macchiato with caramel – there is no person who does not enjoy a cup of some of the countless varieties of planetarily adored drink. But your preferences when it comes to coffee, reveal far more than obvious things, such as. whether you are a gourmand or prefer more traditional flavors.

The story of your favorite cup of coffee is also the story of you, your personality type and character, so at least claim the psychologists who have conducted numerous studies on this topic. If you want to find out more about yourself, you don’t need to look in the cup, guessing what the shapes in the sediment tell you – just read the article we served you while it’s still hot.

Find out what’s in your cup … If you dare. 

1. Turkish coffee

Old, good, Turkish or domestic, also known as ordinary black coffee is the first choice of many. 

People who indulge in this pleasure usually take care of a healthy life, avoiding the intake of empty “liquid calories” through whipped cream, milk and sugar, which are an indispensable companion of most other types of coffee. In addition, these are individuals with a somewhat twisted, dark sense of humor who can often lean towards sarcasm.

Creativity and creative tendencies are also a feature of the black queen of taste, so it is not surprising that many famous writers and philosophers, such as Balzac, Goethe or Voltaire, were able to drink a dozen cups a day, especially during periods of intense writing. 

In addition, fans of black coffee have a common tendency to see things realistically and without much embellishment, as well as a strong character and strength of will. In relation to others, they are open, direct and will always tell the truth, no matter how unpleasant it may be.

Although they act rationally and balanced, they are often prone to vices, because they are irresistibly attracted to the darker side of life.

Certain studies also indicate that affinities for harsh, strong, bitter tastes may indicate the existence of certain antisocial personality traits, such as psychopathy or sadism. If you like your coffee the most without a crumb of sugar, maybe it’s time to ask yourself if you have a potential Hannibal Lector. 

2. Espresso Espresso

users are most often characterized as a type A person: they are extremely ambitious, motivated and hungry for success, and they do not give up almost anything to achieve their goals. They tend to work too hard, so it could even be said that they are obsessed with work. As a result, they are often tense, prone to anxiety and feel deep dissatisfaction and lower values ​​if they fail to achieve their goals.

Since they are always in a hurry and hate to waste time, they like everything to be easily accessible, simple and fast – that’s why they often drink coffee literally from their feet, without much tasting and indulgence.

Beneath the strict shell are hidden romantics, who secretly crave a more exciting life, fulfillment and a sense of meaning, so that their outbursts of emotions can be extremely turbulent, even when you least expect it. 

3. Cappuccino

Foamy cappuccino is a favorite choice of gentle, sensitive and fluttering natures who enjoy daydreaming and always look at life from a brighter side. 

They are talkative, friendly and easily make new acquaintances. They have a wide circle of friends and are constantly on the move because they are out of place. They can’t keep secrets for a living, but they are never malicious. 

They like to work with people, so they find themselves best in occupations that allow them direct contact with others. They are a bit naive and reckless, but that’s because they are basically big kids – cheerful and playful.

On the other hand, they can be superficial, egocentric and insensitive to other people’s problems.

4. Latte

Coffee diluted with milk is most liked by people who are a bit neurotic and do not like to face reality. They are prone to hypochondria, phobias and are very nervous.

On the other hand, they are very perceptive, they know how to listen to others and they are dedicated friends. Although they are withdrawn, once they are bound, they are faithful and loyal to the end. 

Although they seem fragile and timid, they secretly enjoy the challenges, uncertainties and situations that throw them out of their comfort zone. It could be said that they are covert adventurers. 

They are hypersensitive to criticism, easily cry and avoid conflicts at all costs. However, if you manage to infuriate them, may God help you – their outbursts of anger are something to remember.

5. Moka

True hedonists in their souls adore flour that combines the best of the full, delicious taste of chocolate and hot coffee. 

People who love flour tend to please both themselves and others. They enjoy luxury and do not save when they want to afford something beautiful. 

They are characterized by strong emotions, which, however, are short-lived, since they are somewhat volatile in nature, and they are always looking for new excitements, challenges and experiences. They try to live life to the fullest.

Most often, they are gastronomes with affinities for exotic tastes, always working to try something new and different.

They are infectiously fun, they are clowns on duty in every society and always full of ideas and initiatives for interesting group activities.

If they do not find a valve for their excess energy, they can become apathetic, moody and prone to dark thoughts.