What does handshake say about you?

Handling is definitely much more than just a handshake. It can say a lot about a person’s self-confidence, intentions, need for control, fear, and even lack of respect.

You just need to know how to interpret this simple but informative body language.

Handshake with both hands

If a person shakes hands using the other hand he will place over yours and his, it is a sign that he accepts the dominance of his opponent, but wants to lead the discussion. She wants to tell you “Let’s talk about it” and shows that she is honest and open to communication.

However, placing the other hand above the hand of the person being shaken can mean a lack of trust as a form of self-defense.

Dominant handshake

People who shake hands perceive you as their rival. They put their hand over yours and slowly lower it down. The palm facing down shows dominance and can even be considered aggressive. The person basically says “I’m the boss, I don’t care what you think, and I’ll have the last word.” A slight turn of the hands down indicates that the person wants to have control over you.

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Submissive handshake

On the other hand, the palm facing up is submissive handshake. This type of handshake is by shy people and people who are afraid, which means that the person is not self-confident and that you can easily dominate him. If you notice that you are subconsciously allowing the other person’s thumb to be on top, you may want to work on it because you seem to be allowing others to have control over you.

“Dead” handshake

If the handshake is sluggish and weak, it reveals a lack of commitment, indifference, and even weakness. This gives the message that the person is submissive. However, keep in mind that in some cultures such as African countries, for example, poor handshakes are a polite way to greet someone, while firm handshakes can be considered offensive.

Passive Handling

This type of handshake involves a person squeezing your hand between their fingers, indicating passivity. The person practically says “I don’t care” and will not try to show his intentions and character. However, it can also mean that she does not like physical contact.